Online magazine devoted to the past and present culture of Russia and other countries from the former USSR, operated by the Calvert 22 Foundation.

English-language newspaper featuring the latest coverage from the capital of Russia.

Magazine published six times a year in both print and digital formats, offering articles of general interest on Russian history, culture, and travel.

A colourful and lively recreation of the events leading up to the Russian Revolution, featuring eyewitness testimony and primary sources from those who lived through it. Everything is recreated as though taking place through forms of social media in real time. Highly creative and informative, and available in both English and Russian. 

Russian Literary Museums

The famous estate of Leo Tolstoy, now a museum open to visitors. Website currently available only in Russian.

Museum and exhibition housed in the apartment in St. Petersburg where Dostoevsky wrote some of his greatest masterpieces. Website available in Russian and English. They also run the annual “Dostoevsky Day” in July.

Billed as the “first and largest literary museum in Russia”, housed in the Institute of Russian Literature and featuring many valuable and extensive collections. Website available in Russian and English.

A New York-based organization dedicated to promoting the work of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in the English-speaking world. It features information about his life and works, and multimedia resources such as photo galleries and a video library. 

Museum and café in the Moscow apartment where Bulgakov wrote The Master and Margarita. Website partially available in English.

Thorough list of the various museums throughout Russia, including many of the best historical literary attractions, with summaries, photos, and contact info listed for each.

Special card for tourists to St. Petersburg, for discounted entry to a variety of literary museums.

tourist/traveller information for Russia

Website run by a native Russian and featuring a wealth of information and tips for those interested in travelling to Russia.

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