Old Worlds, New Worlds: Vyacheslav Nikonov’s “The Code of Civilization” (Review)

In recent decades, Western intellectuals have been discussing the possible decline and fall of the West on the global stage, but the voices of Russian intellectuals are rarely heard in such discussions. In "The Code of Civilization", Russian academic Vyacheslav Nikonov offers his take on the rapidly shifting power dynamics in the current world order.

‘A Citizen and Not a Comrade’: Soviet Class Tensions in “Heart of a Dog”

In the mid-1920's, Mikhail Bulgakov wrote "Heart of a Dog", a satire set amidst the fledgling new order of the Soviet regime. In it, the learned Professor Preobrazhensky undertakes a disastrous experiment by turning a dog into a man, but it is not only the experiment that threatens the Professor's privileged social status . . .