Santa’s sleigh, spotted somewhere in Ponta Delgada. Photo credit: Brandy Harrison

Russophile Reads wishes all russophile readers a Merry Christmas and a joyous holiday season, as well as a very happy and prosperous New Year! Here in the Azores, Portugal, the wind and the rains are a far cry from the snowy landscapes of Moscow or St. Petersburg, but transporting ourselves there is as easy as cracking open a good book!

There will be many things to look forward to here on Russophile Reads in 2022. Some upcoming highlights include a review of a biography of Mikhail Bulgakov, “Chekhov month”, the fast times and abrupt death of Lermontov, and much more! Thank you to everyone for your readership and comments over the past year, and here’s to more russophile-ing in 2022! 

I leave you with some more photos of the Christmas displays here in Ponta Delgada.




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© Brandy Harrison/Russophile Reads 2021


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